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“A beautiful, enduring flooring experience created with authentic artistry, ingenuity and environmental integrity.” David Lauzon”

In 1985 David Lauzon saw an opportunity and a need, and with a small initial investment of $5,000, an understanding for the potential of fine hardwood flooring in a burgeoning housing market, and a commitment to hard work, David Lauzon Ltd was born.

From the very beginning of this bold adventure, he was unwavering in his belief that the comfort, natural beauty and resilience of wood would appeal to homeowners, builders, and designers alike. He also saw in wood, before it was fashionable, a renewable and sustainable resource that when properly harvested and used would contribute to a healthier and more balanced environment.

It’s not surprising that as the company grew through the 1990s, he was joined by people who shared in his dedication to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


We typically spend 90% of our time indoors and 14 hours a day at home. This is why the quality of the air in our home is something we should all be concerned about. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a host of ailments, including allergies and asthma.


Pure Genius works constantly, without any loss of performance over time for as long as the finish lasts. Pure Genius improves the indoor air quality of your home without compromising the quality and appearance of your hardwood flooring. It makes the air in your home up to 85% purer. It’s pure genius!


Pure Genius is a real smart hardwood floor compared to other photocatalytic technologies.

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