Ken Sigesmund from Old Toronto
Old Toronto, ON

Install Engineered Flooring
``Acadian did a great job installing oak flooring in our condo. They removed the existing flooring and leveled some of the concrete floors. They had to move the existing furniture as they worked.
They did a great job installing the new floor, about 1100 square feet. They did not damage any furniture although there were a few scratches to the walls. The end result was a beautiful floor that made my wife very happy. We have also received many compliments from friends. we would certainly recommend them.
Their customer service has also been excellent.``

Dawn Webster from Markham
Markham, ON

Hardwood Flooring, Stairs And Bannisters & Carpet
``I purchased carpet, hardwood flooring and new steps and bannisters. Judy was patient & attentive, the workmen were skilled and meticulous, even carefully removing existing boardwork without damaging it so it could be reused again. They were excellent and cleaned everything up. job done in 8 days. I would use Acadian flooring again.``


Camilo from Markham
Markham, ON

Living Room Hardwood Floor
``Before we moved to our house, the first thing to go was the ugly carpet in the dining/living room area (Carpet in a dining room? Seriously?). The realtor recommended Acadian from previous positives experiences from himself and a few other clients. They have a very good selection in store, although the sales person in the showroom was not very knowledgeable but still helpful. The price was pretty good for 6 inch plank hardwood, and the installer they recommended was punctual and professional, finishing the job neatly and on time.``

Nader from Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill, ON

Hardwood Flooring Stairs
``I used to be in hardwood flooring businesses many years ago and when a friend asked me to help him find hardwood flooring and installation and to replace his entire stair case for hardwood. I went to Acadian flooring in Markham. Not the lowest pricing but a lot less than other shops. I knew about quality and it was hard to find what i was looking for. Their is a lot of low quality in nice packing and even more sales men who really do not know about quality if it was in front of them just pushing price . Knowledgeable sales people good quality and great service from start to finish. My friend is very happy so am I. I recommend them to anybody.``

162 Bullock Drive- Unit 14
Markham, Ontario
L3P 1W2

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Toll-Free at 1.877.494.9575
Fax: (905) 294-9565

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We are confident that we are able to satisfy your flooring needs. We have the pleasure of bringing most the proven and tested brands with a competitive prices. Every manufacturer we carry, produces the highest in their product and ensures that the product is as perfect as specified. We have a beautiful showroom, located in Markham, Ontario. Please feel free to come and purchase our products first hand. Let our professional staff help you to make an informed decision and let Acadian flooring turn your flooring dreams into reality.