“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story.”

As you may have read earlier on our blog, we have just returned from The International Surface Event with exciting news on all the latest trends in hardwood floorings. I’m sure many of you are eager to learn more!

How do trends get started?

Where do all these trends come from? Obviously trend are based on many things, but their number one inspiration is the world we live in every day. After all, isn’t the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of a trend, “a general direction in which something is developing or changing”? That says it all!

So what actually is transpiring in our daily lives? What is everywhere we go, uses up tons of our time, and is designed to make our lives easier? If you’re like me, you’re thinking “all those phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.” There’s no getting away from them—other than driving for hours into our forests where there are no networks.

You’ve probably guessed it: the trend for 2016 is decorative enhancements that transform our homes into havens of peace and tranquility.

More and more people are tired of being permanently connected and looking for opportunities to unplug. In fact, National Unplugging Day is this week! But one day isn’t enough. People are seeking to escape every day of the year, and this is driving hardwood flooring trends.

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Latest trendsetting hardwood floors revealed

At The International Surface Event last January, we introduced a unique, eco-friendly hardwood flooring line called Atlantis, which replicates the breathtaking beauty of the seashore in color, tone and texture.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art nature trends 2016 costa hall

Our new Atlantis series features a matte finish combined with beautiful color variations and a subtle texture that feels like silky, smooth waves to the touch. Developed to meet consumer demand for a calming, back-to-basics getaway, the flooring’s unique texture, called Écho, shifts and changes as the lighting in the room undulates, mimicking the changing beauty of a windswept beach.

These new hardwood floors elevate your décor and wellbeing to a new level with our Pure Genius® air-purifying smart technology, a first-of-its-kind innovation in hardwood flooring that makes homes healthier. When activated by natural or artificial light and by the movement of air, the flooring breaks down airborne toxins and significantly improves indoor air quality by up to 85 percent. lauzon flooring hardwood blog art nature trends 2016 épic music

Top 3 trends in hardwood flooring

Created according to the latest trends, our Atlantis series combines the three overriding trends in hardwood flooring for 2016 born from the growing desire to escape every day by returning to basics.


From subtle to more pronounced textures, the new trendy wood flooring has a touch of depth, as opposed to looking artificially smooth. Influenced by our three-dimensional technological world, sensory-rich textured flooring is infused with character. – featured hardwood floor is Épic, Atlantis Series, Beech, Écho texture lauzon flooring hardwood blog art nature trends 2016 texture

Weathered look

Gone are the days of shiny, pristine hardwood flooring. The rustic, whitewashed look embedded with imperfections is all the rage, inspired by the movement to natural, organic living. Like worn-out jeans, today’s popular wood flooring is rich with history and character. Its flaws make it flawless. – featured hardwood  floor is Charm, Organik Series, Hard Maple lauzon flooring hardwood blog art nature trends 2016 weathered look


Previously trendy dark wood planks are being replaced by lighter natural and gray flooring with variation in tones. With a subtle pattern on each plank, multi-toned flooring adds charm and interest to any room. – featured hardwood floor is Camarillo, Hamptons Series, Beechlauzon flooring hardwood blog art nature trends 2016 multi-tones

Because we care about your wellbeing

In the same spirit of wellbeing, Lauzon has launched a fundraising campaign in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. We invite you to participate by making a donation to support research in the fight against cancer.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art nature trends 2016 cancer fundraising


Why wait for vacation time to unwind when you can recreate the look and feel of a magnificent sandy shore right in your own home? Have fun with your décor, be creative in creating your haven.


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