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With back to school approaching, we see new trends coming out here and there. The focus of home décor is on the interplay of natural grains, colors and textures to create uniquely warm and inviting living spaces. The ultimate goal is to meet consumers’ growing desire to escape the everyday by going back to the basics.

Rather than abating, the trend celebrating the intricate and multifaceted beauty of natural materials in interior décor continues apace. While each species has a unique character, Lauzon’s designers and artisans play with a palette of styles, hues and textures to embellish the essential natural character of the wood itself.

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Wherever you want your décor to take you, every hardwood floor opens up a remarkable range of style and design options. There are floors that harken back across the ages and continents to exotic times and places, like those in our Émira and Mémoire series. There are those with a boldly modern feel, like the muted luxury offered by our Hamptons series. Or maybe you’re drawn to the sensory-rich textured flooring infused with depth of our Atlantis series. One thing they all offer is a feeling of warmth and timeless elegance.

That means you can create a completely different ambience in every room of your home inspired by nature’s extraordinary diversity.

The other thoroughly modern and natural aspect of Lauzon Flooring is the fact that all our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests—a growing trend that reveals a product’s true inner beauty.

Lauzon hardwood floors also take your décor and wellbeing to a new level with our Pure Genius® air-purifying smart technology, a first-of-its-kind innovation in hardwood flooring for a healthier home. Activated by natural or artificial light and air circulation, the flooring breaks down airborne toxins and improves indoor air quality by up to 85 percent.lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _2

Top 4 Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Smoked Neutrals

Midway through the decade, designers are moving away from overusing stainless steel, chrome and brass in favor of the smooth natural elegance of smoked woods. A soft palette of grey, taupe, white and cream tones offers a lovingly lived-in look and a subtly rich texture that changes with the light. We’re very proud of our new series, Hamptons, which epitomizes this trend and echoes the elegant, breezy homes of Cape Cod and Long Island. Smoked neutrals also work perfectly with our new decidedly downtown Greystone color in our Urban Loft series. 

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Au Naturel

For many years we have been following the return to natural tones, a trend that continues unabated. With “Au naturel” you find the raw beauty of wood in all of its finishes. What catches the eye is the intricacy of the grain. Nature’s patterns are revealed to soften any décor. In our new Atlantis series, discover the pristine yet ever-changing beauty of a windswept sandy beach. The new Émira series reveals the beauty of the Maghreb and the oases of the Sahara and is the perfect flooring for a warm, casual, yet lush living space. Some flooring in the Hamptons series is also available in Au Naturel. Isn’t that the appeal of a seaside resort—an invitation to reconnect with the natural world?lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _4

Rich Vintage

Part of the contemporary scene is built on a healthy reverence for the past. Rich Vintage evokes ancestral grandeur as easily as it does the simplicity of the homestead. Not surprisingly, rugged and warm browns dominate here, from deeply hewn to honey golden. While our Homestead series celebrates this trend with its Hand Scraped texture and majestic brown tone, the new Mémoire series is not to be overlookedThis series is marked by a multi-tonal play of light that would feel right at home in a baronial manor.

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Who said flooring has to stay in the lines? Intricate patterned wood floor installations were the hallmark of wealth and status back in the day because it meant you could afford the artisans. With our state-of-the-art technologies, you can create easy-to-install elegantly patterned hardwood flooring in our Émira and International series, among others. Choose a vintage design or one with a modern edge. You can create a truly original space that plays with grain, line, light and texture.

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At first you may be overwhelmed by how varied our hardwood flooring is in terms of style, color and texture. But then you see the world of design possibilities open to you for creating a beautiful, healthy and eco-friendly living space.

Read “Top 10 Hardwood Flooring Style to learn more about hardwood flooring styles.

Whether you choose the Designer or Ambiance collection, you’ll find the perfect wood to add the finishing touch to your floors or walls, or both.

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