“Babies smile in their sleep because they’re listening to the whispers of angels.”

As you learned in my last blog post – about creating the healthiest, safest nursery possible – in about 5 weeks I will become the happiest auntie of the most lovable Princess! In my quest for the healthiest and safest nursery possible, I also discovered many décor best practices to help you create your perfect nursery in 9 months. Actually 9 months is not quite exact, because the recommended finish date is week 36 – or week 33 if you’re expecting twins or triplets!


First Trimester

Plan your nursery

In the first trimester, think about your needs, evaluate the available space in your house for your perfect nursery, set a budget, and gather ideas.

Second Trimester

Time for major renovation?

If you’re planning to do a major renovation in your perfect nursery (e.g., replacing flooring with our relaxing Red Oak Absolut hardwood flooring, repairing walls, or rewiring), you’ll want to get started right away, around month four.


Choose your style and bedding

Go online. Visit Houzz and Pinterest, where you’ll discover a world of options for your perfect nursery! From girly or boyish to unisex, original themes and styles – the possibilities are limitless.

Once you pretty much know where you want to go with this, head to the store to pick up your bedding. As discussed in my previous post, be sure to choose bedding that’s safe organic and chemical free. Once you have found the perfect bedding for your perfect nursery, the rest of the design will come easily!

Choose your paint color

After you select the bedding, you can then choose the paint color and wall decorations. Don’t make the mistake of doing it the other way around! You see it’s really easier this way! There are endless paint colors available, so you’ll always be able to find shades that work with your fabrics.


Encourage your baby’s development

Unlike hearing, which is fully mature by the end of baby’s first month outside the womb, it takes 6 to 8 months for your baby’s vision to develop to where he or she can see the world almost as well as you do.

To foster your baby’s development and interest in primary colors, pastels, and contrasts, choose some eye-catching tones for your perfect nursery. Soft blues, greens, whites, and pinks for walls, colorful wall and ceiling decorations near the crib and changing table, and primary-colored mobiles are a great place to start.


Choose your window coverings

The right bedding, paint colors, wall decorations, and window coverings will create your perfect décor. But think about installing blackout curtains to block out sunlight for daytime naps. This will help your baby sleep longer and more comfortably. 

Choose your crib and furniture

By month 5 you should be ready to order your new furniture, because sometimes it can take as long as 14 weeks to arrive. There are many factors to consider when buying furniture. Baby’s small crib may look lovely now, but have you left enough room to exchange it for a toddler-sized bed later? Be practical and leave room for your baby to grow. Think long-term, but make sure safety and health are your top priorities. A crib that converts into a toddler bed and furniture that ages well are particularly good choices for new parents!


Identify a focal point

It can be the crib, a large window, or an alcove. Having a focal point will balance the esthetic of your perfect nursery.

Think about lighting

I know that lighting can make all the difference in a décor. Dimmers are always a must to avoid harsh lighting. Nightlights are also great for comfort and safety, plus they can be so adorable! Don’t be scared to invest in lighting and think long term.


Third Trimester

Focus on the small stuff

By month eight, baby is almost here and soon you won’t feel like decorating, bending, reaching, etc. Have somebody move in the furniture and hang window treatments and wall decorations.

Take this time to wash and put away all those adorable new baby clothes, arrange shower gifts in your perfect nursery, stock necessities (diapers, wipes, lotions, and so on), put those plastic outlet protectors over all unused electrical outlets and take a deep breath. You are now ready for baby!


Now it’s time to relax and read a book in the cozy rocking chair you picked out and appreciate the peace and quiet of the perfect nursery you’ve created for your newborn. It may be the last chance you get for a long, long time…


Remember, whatever design decisions you make, they should be based on your personal preferences and needs. I hope you find my tips helpful as you begin this wonderful journey!

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