“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

After months of preparation by our entire team, we had the privilege last month of attending The International Surface Event in Las Vegas for the second year in a row.

The mood at the show was upbeat and the first two days seemed busier than ever. Official attendance figures haven’t been released yet, but the show floor was more than 25,000 sq. ft. bigger than in 2016, and there were over 175 new exhibitors in attendance.

Traffic at the Lauzon Flooring booth was right on pace with the rest of the show—i.e., busy! We were also really pleased with the quality and quantity of people we had the chance to meet during TISE. We couldn’t have hoped for a better turnout.


The Lauzon Enchanted Forest

Our Enchanted Forest booth went over so well last year that we decided to revamp it and use it again for the 2017 edition. The Enchanted Forest theme encapsulates our three core pillarsForest, Quality, and Innovation—and was a huge hit again this year.

As our marketing director Nathalie Lambert put it, “At a big event like TISE, your key messages have to be clear at first glance and you have to set yourself apart to draw attendees to your booth.” Based on all the positive comments we received, everybody’s hard work paid off and our booth really stood out again.”


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Putting the forest first

It was important to us as a company to give the forest top billing at our booth. After all, it’s one of the things we’re most proud of. I think our design captured this perfectly; a number of people told us how beautiful and unique our booth was. People were intrigued by the multidimensional trees we created and came inside the booth to see the hardwood flooring on display behind them.

The fact that we control our entire process from forest to floor makes Lauzon a truly unique and reliable hardwood flooring manufacturer. And the fact that we offer a wide range of eco-friendly, zero-VOC, made-in-Canada hardwood floors that are right in line the trend toward responsible consumption shared by consumers, designers, architects, and builders definitely gives us a competitive edge.


On-trend flooring selection

Whether you were enticed by the forest, the trees, or the digital technology used in our booth, once inside, you could explore the full range of stylish yet exclusive looks and textures in our carefully curated hardwood flooring product offering.

You could start by touching the four textures on our natural texture tree (tree on the right in the picture). First came Smooth, a silky texture with a classic allure that highlights the wood grain. From there you could move to the unique new Écho texture, unveiled for the first time at TISE last year. Écho enhances and gives life to the natural grain of the wood, lending our floors a subtle depth. From Écho you could move to the meticulously crafted Hand Scraped texture  and, last but not least, our delicate Wire Brushed texture, which gives wood a subtle warm scuffed look.

Hardwood floor featured: Smooth – Natural, Hickory, Émira Series; Écho – Natural, Beech, Atlantis Series;  Hand Scraped – Honey Moon, Hickory, Homestead Series; Wire Brushed – Exposed Oak, White Oak, Urban Loft Series.

For more details on all our different textures, see our “Top 5 Hardwood Floor Textures” blog post.

– Unique light tone hardwood floorings –

After the textures, you could stroll through the booth to check out our unique light tone wood floorings (from left to right in the picture), from true white Bianco (Hard Maple, Hamptons Series) to our soft Chelsea Cream, a longer, 7.5″ wide trendy White Oak wire-brushed hardwood floor (Urban Loft Series), and our Natural Hard Maple in Squared Edge, which elevates wood floor joinery to new heights of uniformity and alignment. Last but not least in this section was Persia—a magnificent light hickory flooring infused with our air-purifying Pure Genius technology from our Émira Series.

One really nice feature of our booth, was that on the opposite side, the trees were rotating, revealing, on one side, our trendy natural to dark brown hardwood floors, as well as our beautiful range of gray hardwood floors on the other side.

– Trendy natural to dark brown hardwood floors –

Starting our exploration with our naturalbrown, down to dark brown (right to left in the picture). Starting with White Oak Quarter Sawn (Hamptons Series), a top designer pick featuring fine, slightly more pronounced and curved lines and a flecked look, you could move to Cerralvo from the Reserva Series, one of my personal favorite Lauzon floor! This white oak floor boasts a unique torrefied look achieved with precise thermal processing techniques that create an exotic caramelized effect. Then comes our shaded Cigarillo (Red Oak, Mémoire Series), which sets light colors into play so beautifully. Move on to Tobacco Brown a hand scraped black walnut with trendy time-worn planks from our Homestead Series, and finish up with NEW and exciting Rustica from our Organik Series. Infused with our air-purifying Pure Genius technology, this stunning hardwood floor reveals beautiful grain, texture and mineral streaks of Hard Maple as never before.

– Beautiful range of gray hardwood floors –

Continuing with our trendy gray wood floors (from left to right in the picture). Starting with Nostalgia, a beautiful wire brushed Red Oak from our Authentik Series, and Sabbia, a classic Hickory hardwood floor (Émira Series)—both featuring our innovative Pure Genius technology—you could move to Travertine (Hard Maple, Line Art Series), featuring an exclusive look inspired by the natural linear motifs found in mineral stratification. After that you could take a look at Minera—another exciting NEW floor unveiled at TISE this year from our Organik Series—featuring our Pure Genius technology and showcasing Hard Maple like never before. And to finish things off, a bit of Drama, another stunning wire-brushed floor with popular Pure Genius technology in our Authentik Series.

– The star of the booth –

Unveiled for the first time at the event, we chose to showcase our NEW and exclusive Sombra as the main hardwood floor in our booth. This stunning multi-tonal organic brown-gray hardwood floor was the perfect choice! According to visitors, it was another highlight of our booth. The hardwood floors in our Organik Series were inspired by and created according to designers’ needs and the latest trends, and they are very popular. Developed by Lauzon, they feature an organic look created through a unique, natural process that reveals the deeply beautiful grain, texture, and mineral streaks of Hard Maple as never before.



For more details on all our different styles, take a look at our “Top 10 Hardwood Flooring Styles” blog post.

Dealers’ Choice Award

This year we again participated in Floor Covering Weekly’s Dealers’ Choice Award with the new Sombra and Rustica hardwood floors from our Organik Series. The new colors play on a palette of brown and grey and offer an array of harmonious parings with furniture, wall and ceiling colors. They also enhance the play of natural light in any room. Both were unveiled for the first time at the show and were among the most popular hardwood floors among booth visitors. 


Pure Genius: Our air-purifying smart floor

Back at the booth, once you’d learned more about our green products and cutting-edge designs, it was time to discover the world’s latest hardwood floor innovation—the air-purifying smart floor we call Pure Genius.

Pure Genius is a revolutionary technology that transforms your hardwood floor into an air purifier by using natural or artificial light. It can make your indoor air up to 85% cleaner and destroy up to 99.6% of bacteria and viruses while you’re drinking your morning coffee or evening glass of wine.

It’s the perfect hardwood floor for families, asthma sufferers, and anyone concerned about all the VOCs we bring into our homes every day.

You could even see a live demonstration of the purifying power of our exclusive Pure Genius technology in our booth. The blue VOC solution would disappear before your eyes within five minutes, proving the effectiveness of the technology.

Pure Genius is based on a light-activated, air-purifying agent made of titanium dioxide, which is integrated into Lauzon’s Titanium floor finish. The light-activated titanium dioxide molecules would transform the blue VOC solution molecules into harmless H2O and CO2, making the blue solution disappear.

This test was a real draw and was really popular with booth visitors, helping them better understand the chemical reaction behind Pure Genius.

We produced this video for those of you who couldn’t attend the show.


Our digital attractions

At Lauzon, innovation is everywhere, in our hardwood floorings and in our use of digital technology—just take a look at the Decozone section of our website, for instance.

To liven things up, share our experience on social media, and attract people to the booth, we decided to include a social wall, where you could see live pictures of the event tagged as #lauzonevent (on FacebookTwitter and Instagram), as well as pictures from the Lauzon TISE Photo Booth.

Want to see all the Photobooth pictures?! Click here to see our Facebook album!!

Yes, we were the proud sponsor of the TISE Photo Booth, where attendees could goof around having their photo taken, get a picture strip like in the good old days, and share them on social media. 


Getting together with great people

Another great thing about TISE is the opportunity to reconnect with great people we don’t get the chance to see often—including people from the trade magazines, industry associations, and our biggest U.S. distributors, not to mention many of our knowlegable retailers.

Our new Sales & Marketing VP Richard Ayuen was jubilant about the reaction to all our trendy flooring styles and textures. “We were all thrilled with the overwhelming response to our new Organik Series colors and Pure Genius air-purifying technology, as well as the excellent feedback from retailers, distributors, builders and designers, who took the time to seek out our booth at this huge show. Their reactions speak highly to the strength of our brand and the innovative, value-added products our customers expect us to deliver.”

Let me conclude this blog post by saying once again that the awsome teamwork behind this successful event was the perfect way to set the stage for a successful 2017. Thank you all for your hard work!

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