“Family is where life begins and love never ends.”

“Millennials consider themselves civic-minded and active participants in today’s world, and that it’s up to them to assume the responsibility of making a lasting, positive impact on the future. Millennials have surpassed simply wanting help in supporting causes and are starting to demand that others, especially companies, do their part.”

Great choices for a great future 

As a Millennial, I couldn’t agree more with this observation from Christie Barakat in SocialTimes. I buy Dove because of their Self-Esteem Project; I drop by Tim Hortons on camp days; my closet sports an Audvik winter coat and I’m looking at buying a Petit Coulou for my niece-to-be, because they are both from my home province of Quebec, where Lauzon Flooring is based; I buy Kashi because of their work with the Non-GMO Project and their financial support for Evergreen program (ok, and I love their products, too); and I prefer local, non-GMO and ethically sourced products for all sorts of good reasons. The fact that a brand donates part of their profits to a cause, sponsors a cause-related event, makes an effort to use ethically sourced or eco-responsible materials, or works hard to reduce their ecological footprint influences my purchasing decisions—because I strongly believe that every little thing counts.


In the same article, Barakat says that 56% of Millennials will refuse to work for a company that is not socially or environmentally responsible. Well, I’m proud to say they wouldn’t have any problems with my company. The proof? At Lauzon Flooring, we control our products from forest to floor in an eco-responsible way, we partner in social causes and we make sure we provide healthy floorings. I’ll write more about our interesting story in future posts, so be sure to check back in!

The perfect house for a young family – All for a good cause 

With all of this talk about social responsibility, I am really excited to tell you about our partnership with Ma Maison Rouge Canal Vie, the new TV show that premiered August 24 on Canal Vie.



For those of you who don’t know the show, let me describe it to you. It’s being produced in partnership with Bonneville Homes. Over the seven episodes, the best interior designers at Canal Vie and Rouge fm will decorate the house, the goal being to create the perfect home for a young Quebec family. Once the house is finished, it will offered as the grand prize in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Loterie du Coeurwhich funds life-saving research.

Given the fact that someone dies from heart disease or stroke every seven minutes in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2011), we were really excited when Canal Vie approached us to partner in this new adventure. We had the perfect floor in mind for the project.

As part of the Millennial generation, young families today care about their health and wellbeing. Their first home is really important and they want the best for their kids. That’s why Canal Vie designers thought that our new Pure Genius air-purifying smart floor was a perfect fit for their house. The chosen floor for the project is one of our trendy new Natural hardwood floors with character. So when you watch the show, take a closer look at the floor, it’s Natural Hickory from our Émira series! This gorgeous product not only purifies indoor air, its anti-microbial finish helps remove bad odours and reduce asthma and allergies, too.

The TV show starts today at 19h00, it will be rebroadcast Tuesday at 11h00, Thursday at 20h00, Saturday at 20h00, Sunday at 13h00 and next monday at 18h00. The flooring will be chosen during the first episode.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching the show and discovering new products and tips to make your life easier and healthier. A ticket for the Loterie du Coeur gives you the chance to win this beautiful, exclusive house, but also supports the Foundation’s work and helps save lives.

So don’t forget to buy your lottery tickets to help make the campaign a success!

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A special thank you to the lovely Lea Mazzei who so kindly accepted to be our model for the day!

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