“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

As new flooring options continue to become available to eager consumers searching for the best possible product, many technologies continue to evolve. Some of the latest offerings have earned industry awards for their ability to enhance home environments. Others come in shades and colors previously impossible to achieve. Still others have been the subject of ongoing scientific research with a view to introducing health-friendly features to help patients and their families.

At Lauzon we are always working hard to provide you with only the best in terms of hardwood floorings. And we’re especially proud of the research and development that went into our recently launched Pure Genius hardwood flooring technology, the only hardwood floor that actually remove toxins and improves the air quality in your home.

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What is Pure Genius?

Pure Genius, a new hardwood flooring technology recently launched on the North American market, makes living spaces healthier from the ground up – literally. The first of its kind in the world, Pure Genius smart hardwood flooring improves indoor air quality of a home while beautifying the decor.

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How does it work?

Activated by natural or artificial light and by the movement of air, the unique, high-quality intelligent hardwood flooring – which comes in a wide range of styles and finishes – continuously breaks down airborne toxins, creating a constant supply of pure air in the home. In fact, studies show that the air in rooms installed with Pure Genius is up to 85% cleaner than spaces without the flooring.

Many people don’t realize the extent to which the airtight environments in today’s homes contain pollutants and toxic contaminants, such as formaldehyde emitted from furniture, building materials and common household products. In fact, indoor air is often 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.  Poor air quality in the home causes build-up of bacteria, viruses and molds, and may lead to allergies, fatigue and respiratory problems like asthma.

Pure Genius is specially formulated using a patented titanium dioxide technology that decomposes bacteria, viruses and molds and reduces potential carcinogens by constantly transforming toxic airborne particles into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules.

After 30 days, rooms installed with Pure Genius hardwood floorings have been shown to have a formaldehyde level of only 5 parts per billion (ppb), compared to an average 16 to 32.5 ppb in a typical home. What’s more, Pure Genius hardwood floorings help reduce household odors such as cigarette smoke, pet urine and lingering cooking smells.

Pure Genius hardwood floorings are easy to clean because they allow hardwood cleaners to disperse better. Which means that not only is the air purer, but the hardwood floor itself is cleaner. The technology works for as long as the finish lasts. The Pure Genius Titanium finish has a guarantee of 30 to 35 years, depending on the collection.

Pure Genius gives new meaning to the idea of home comfort. The purifying effect is so powerful that for an average 1,377-square-foot house installed with Pure Genius, it’s like having three trees right inside your home! Calculate the purifying effect of Pure Genius in your home with our Purity Calculator.

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Availability of Pure Genius hardwood flooring

A built-in feature of all Lauzon’s Designer and Ambiance Collection flooring series (except Homestead and Urban Loft series), as well as all square edges and Herringbone floorings.  It is also offered as an option on the rest of the Ambiance Collection hardwood floors.

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Pure Genius on Promotion

From August 1st to October 31st, 2016, we’re offering $0,45 OFF per Sq. Ft. on all our Pure Genius hardwood floors. Check our promotions page for full details and conditions. This promotion is valid only at participating preferred Lauzon retailers in Canada and at participating retailers across the United States. Use our handy retailer locator to find a participating Lauzon retailer near you.

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Come visit our specialty flooring retailers across North America to see and touch our vast selection of Pure Genius air-purifying smart hardwood floors.

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