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The texture of a hardwood floor can add a lot to a décor, as you saw in our last blog post where we presented their top 5, and its style can considerably influence your interior as well. Nowadays, a variety of hardwood flooring styles and looks are available on the market.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best hardwood flooring styles.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature style look


Similar to the smooth texture, the classic look is timeless and versatile, and still the most popular hardwood flooring style. At Lauzon this look is paired with either a smooth texture or an open grain texture and is available in a variety of sheens.

Most of the products in Lauzon’s extensive hardwood flooring selection feature this timeless style.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature natural nursery classic


In this style, Lauzon’s exclusive process enhances the interplay of light and dark. Our artisans intuitively use color to bring out all the authentic charm of the wood species while preserving an element of mystery. The eye-catching, two-tone interplay of patterns is amplified by the play of light on the smooth surface. Richly elegant, shaded floors command instant admiration.

To appreciate this attractive style, take a closer look at our Mémoire Series, which features our exclusive Pure Genius® air-purifying technology.
lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature bed room light shaded


A traditional European technique used on White Oak creates delicate, long curves and slightly more pronounced undulations. The result is a very distinctive floor with remarkable contrasts.

To appreciate the unique grain of this style, take a closer look at our beautifully natural White Oak Quarter Sawn, which features our exclusive Pure Genius® air-purifying technology.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature natural quarter sawn bedroom


The beauty of this style is that it’s meant to look antiqued, so no two pieces will be exactly the same. Your flooring will boast a high-end, time-worn look with multiple color variations and stunning character. Antique fits any décor—traditional or contemporary—with incredible flair.

At Lauzon we pair this naturally aged look with our Hand Scraped texture in our Homestead Series.  lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature brown music antique


Discover the hidden beauty of Hard Maple with another Lauzon innovation: an exclusive natural process that brings out the wood’s grain, texture, and mineral streaks as never before. The rich neutral tones and perfectly imperfect rustic look will captivate you now and into the future as the wood ages.

Discover this exclusive look with our unique Organik Series featuring our exclusive Pure Genius® air-purifying technology.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature rustic organic living room


Our artisans have developed precise thermal processing techniques to give the wood an exotic torrefied or caramelized effect. They are able to fully preserve the wood’s integrity while enhancing its naturally rich color, for very warm and inviting floors.

Discover our thermally modified hardwood floor selection with our stunning  Reserva Series which features our exclusive Pure Genius® air-purifying technology.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature brown torrefied kitchen


While there is no official definition of “exotic wood,” the term generally refers to species that are not found in North America. They are imported from tropical, faraway places like Africa, Australia, the Far East, and Brazil.

So, what makes exotic hardwoods so desirable to so many people, especially for their homes?

Their appeal lies in their unusual and striking appearance, which differs by species and even from tree to tree of the same species. Exotic hardwood floors are known and loved for their distinctive color tones, textures, and grains.

At Lauzon we have selected the four finest exotic hardwoods to create a stunning array of floors that are Lacey Act compliant, to ensure legally sourced timber.

African Sapele

Looking for a dramatically elegant floor? Consider crimson–chestnut Sapele, with its crisscrossed and streaked or honeycomb grain and its rippling, banded, or speckled patterns. Sapele is not an endangered species—it is abundant in Africa.

Brazilian Cherry

Grown in the forests of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and French Guinea, this stunning hardwood features earthy browns with soft burgundy undertones. Gorgeous Brazilian Cherry adds flair without overwhelming your space.

Black Walnut

Few wood species have the deep, dark character and warmth of Black Walnut. Grown in the central and eastern USA, its rich chocolate tones and straight, open grain bring timeless elegance to your design scheme.

Santos Mahogany

This stunning exotic species is found in southern Mexico, Central America, and as far away as Argentina. Incredibly hard and dense, the Santos Mahogany‘s dark brown hue with lustrous red undertones and streaked grain add sophisticated elegance to any décor. Our sources harvest this wood responsibly.

At Lauzon you will find most of our exotic looking hardwood floors in our International Series which features our exclusive Pure Genius® air-purifying technology.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature international office


Designed to truly highlight and complement wood’s innate character and beauty, this style accentuates the color contrasts in the grain. Paired with our wire-brushed texture, it masks the effects of daily traffic. Give your space real personality with this beautiful hardwood flooring style whose flaws make it flawless.

Lauzon’s unique character style is featured in our Red Oak Authentik Series & our unique White Oak Beachwood featuring our exclusive Pure Genius® air-purifying technology, as well as in the wide White Oak floors of our Urban Loft Series.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature grey wire brushed office


At Lauzon we push the boundaries of floor design with our own exclusive techniques. Inspired by the natural motifs found in mineral stratification and featuring a gray color palette, our linear look is ultramodern and urban.

This unique style is available only on our Line Art Series, made of Hard Maple sourced in our forests and featuring our unique Pure Genius® air-purifying technology.lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature grey linear living room


Each species has its own special personality, and our designers and artisans at Lauzon have carefully crafted a palette of styles, colors, and textures that showcase the natural character of the wood. Our wide selection of hardwood flooring may seem overwhelming at first, but it gives you a whole world of design possibilities for a beautiful, healthy, and eco-friendly living environment.

lauzon flooring hardwood blog art from nature looks

Whether in the Designer or Ambiance collections, you will find the perfect wood to complete your room—on the floor or on the wall, or both.

Come visit our retailers in person to see and touch our wide variety of hardwood floors.

For more inspiration, take a look at our latest hardwood flooring trends!

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